Welcome to the
NFT world

NFTs are a unique piece of Tokens that can be owned by people in order to get utilise in different ways. NFT stand for Non Fungible Tokens and these assets can have different use cases.

What is the use case for NFTs?

NFTs can be used as a marketing and community building. These Assets can be a unique piece of digital collectable or it can give access to special events to each holder. Holder of each NFT can get exclusive advantages by owing the NFT or they can trade them in secondary market for higher price. Based on every secondary trade, the original creator will earn automated royalties

Three steps


Introduction to new world of WEB3.0 from Decentralised wallets to NFTs, to tokens and to community building around these digital assets. We consult you and give you a helicopter view over these new emerging world of in internet.


Your NFT ecosystem requires to be both strategic and experimental. There are questions to be answered before you mint an NFT, such as how many NFT you need? Which platform is best for your NFT to be listed on and many more.. Thus, your go to market strategy needs to be thoughtful and measured carefully in order to create a meaningful digital assets for your economy.


After planning a proper NFT brand strategy for your business, and defining value points for your customers, we will help you to design your NFT and will help you to setup all you need for WEB3.0 in order to mint and market your NFTs.


Vienna based, Engineering training at the Higher Technical College Vienna,   
1984 the Elin Union (later VA Tech / Siemens) , project management for hydroelectric power plants in the export business, mainly in Far East.Head of Marketing Hydropower and Head of Sales Worldwide, CEO of VA Tech in Berlin and head of the Energy division in Sofia. 
Consulting experience at Pöyry Austria (subsidiary of a Finnish group),  Management of EFACEC Central Europe (subsidiary of an international Portuguese group, mainly operates in the field of power generation and power transmission and distribution. Market development in the Caucasus and the Balkans. 
Passion for cycling and family activities, books, the sea…. A good glass of wine with his beloved ones or friends  

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