Mersad Lahouti

Digital Marketing, Professional Branding


I raised and born in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 16 I moved to Dubai to study architecture and that's where I fall in love with the concept of luxury branding and first in class customer experience. At the age of 22 I moved to Vienna to finished my Architecture studies and during my studies I got very much interested in Technology. I hated to see ugly and not user friendly tech products (from websites to apps) and therefore I decided to start DyMotions with my girl friend (Current wife) with the mission to make tech product look sexy and create the "love in the first sight experience".

Expressing passion from within


App Forest is a brand I built to share tech topic with my community on social media. From coolest apps in the market to cutting edge technologies and everything in between. Follow more below.


I was always fascinated by super cars as a kid and I was a collector of all the 1:32 scale Ferrari's since I was 6 years old. There are two things about supercars that I admire the most "specially the Lamborghini Avenatador":
1. The design and aerodynamics of these cars are mind boggeling.

2. The speed. I am adrenaline junky and I love speed because there is no moment in the world that you feel more alive except while at the highest speed. You can tell me the fastest you have ever drove (Next to someone or yourself) but I take a blind bet over the best steak in town 🥩 that I have one of kind speed story to tell. Drop me and Email and let's connect if you are speed enthusiast too.


The fact is until age of 21 I hated to read books. One day I was reading CNN news and I found a book written by the secret service MI6 agent. The title was so interessting that I immediately order the book from amazon, "The Good Psychopath guide you to success".

Thats where I fall in love with books and I start to read books intensly. On Average 31 books / year and I have to say they had a big impact on who I am today. Here is my 0.2 cents on books