Julia Kieslinger-Lahouti

Branding and UX / UI


Als Grafik- und Webdesignerin ist es mir ein ganz besonderes Anliegen mich mit dem technologischen Fortschritt unserer Zeit zu beschäftigen. Die Art wie neue Technlogien immer mehr mit unsere Leben Wechselwirken fasziniert nicht. Malerei und Zeichnen bietet Kreatives Schaffen sowie gutes Design nach dem Grundsatz "form follows function" prägen meine Alltag sowohl beruflich als auch in meiner Freizeit. Neben diesem spiele ich für mein Leben gerne Tennis, lauf Marathons und verbringe freitags Abend am liebsten mit meinem Klavier. Gutes Essen und fabelhafter Wein gehören auch ganz oben auf meine Liste! I am graphic and web designer with a passion for drawing tech related arts. The way tech is growing and interfering our day to day life is fascinating for me and arts allow me to reflect and express my observations and emotionsA.

Expressing passion from within


Motherboards rule the world. In every piece of technology one thing is constant - Motherboards, the quintessential to every electronic equipment and the most authentic symbol for digital reality. Motherboards are an extension of our physical and psychological human ability, and function like the human nerve system in 0s and 1s. My pieces of art are an homage to these fundaments of every digital device. This animated piece is the first micro section of the whole painting (100cm x 140cm) which is 100% hand drawn and owned by Me.


The fact is until age of 21 I hate reading books until one day I was reading CNN news and I found a book written by the secret service MI6 agent. The title was so interessting that I immediately order the book from amazon, "The Good Psychopath guide you to success".

Thats where I fall in love with books and I start to read books like never before. On Average 31 books / year and I have to say they had a big impact on who I am today. Here is my 0.2 cents on books